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Ever since I started playing the harmonica, I've wanted to fuse together the synthesized sounds I love so much with the soulfulness that can be a harmonica. This track takes some baby steps in that direction with a synthesized bassline and some synth keys on top of a standard blues progression.


all these people to see, all these things to do
without some time for myself, I am bound to feel blue
but I won't get any, till the end of the day
and that's if everything goes my way

so if it's after 5 o'clock and I pass you in the street
I'm not mad at you, it's just a bad mood me

bad mood me
got to blow off some steam
bad mood me
I'll come apart at the seams

bad mood me
look out world
bad mood me
war sails unfurled

when I find some peace, it's often not at home
I go driving in the dark, the endless night I roam
and when I come back in the morning light
gotta quick get dressed and go to work before the boss puts up a fight

so if it's 9 am and I pass you on the road
I'm not mad at you, a bad mood's got hold

bad mood me
gotta get there fast
bad mood me
or my employment won't last

bad mood me
look out world
bad mood me
war sails unfurled - take it now!

bad mood me
bad mood's in town
bad mood me
and word's getting around

bad mood me
some say I'm a grinch
bad mood me
but that won't make me flinch

it's only for a while, things all go right
and if they don't go well, I'll be bad all night

well all's well that ends well
and there's hope in sight
I got home early
and the day was alright

so if you them talking bout a real mean guy,
don't worry about it now, I made the bad mood fly

ba doo doo....


released February 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Ham Sandwich Quantum Party Mount Vernon, Iowa

Ham Sandwich Quantum Party is about enjoying the silly and nonsensical things in life. Like hilariously bad album art.

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